3D Site Plans

by Best Wayfinding Limited

A 3D Site Plan is the absolute complement to your school. Either computer generated or hand drawn they are all professionally produced.


Best Wayfinding Limited pride themselves in good presentation giving an excellent first impression in whatever they do. A 3D Site Plan  is a fantastic marketing tool and shows your establishment in an almost like-life shape, leaving that first impression for customers to remember. You can use the Site Plans in many different areas of the marketing, whether on the internet, at exhibitions, in handouts or in prospectuses and here you can show the customer around the plan, as it is still a wayfinding map. We produce two types of 3D Site Plans here at Best Wayfinding, Computer Generated 3D Site Plan or Hand Drawn Artist Impression 3D Site Plan. Both types of 3D Site Plan are very detailed, yet both are made using very different techniques. Either Computer Generated or Hand Drawn, they are all professionally produced. The good news about 3D Site Plans for Schools and Colleges is that once the project has been completed, all the Intellectual Property Rights are passed over to the School for reproduction in whatever format is required. The 3D Site Plan files supplied can facilitate a web designer to produce ‘hot spots’, homing in on any School or College building –  showcasing your facilities to full advantage.

Hand Drawn Artist’s Impression 3D Site Plan

The Hand Drawn 3D Site Plan really is unique and much of the process is indeed hand painted.We are fortunate to have some of the best artists available to produce a high quality work of art in the production of a 3D Hand Drawn Site Plan.

Computer Generated 3D Site Plan

Computer Generated 3D Site Plan is animated graphics that is created on a computer developed into a perfected and polished image of your premises. This method produces a very high level of detail and is excellent for directional signage, web use, printed use and for exhibition representation.

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