2D Site Plans

by Best Wayfinding Ltd


2D site plans that are clear and uncluttered.  Ideal for any site with a large number of staff and visitors – hospitals, schools and university campus sites.


A site plan is a versatile product that relates to a whole host of situations.  Businesses, office blocks, retail, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, sports fields, museums, leisure centres, hotels, golf courses, music venues; the list is endless.  However, whatever the category of customer, they all need one thing in common; a clear, concise and accurate site plan.  One that not only works for the visitor but presents the facility in its best light.

A clear plan of your site gives confidence to visitors, saving time and removing frustration.  Many schools incorporate a 2D site plan in their Student Planner or Teacher Planner as well as their school website or marketing collateral.

Using Ordinance Survey data or aerial photography our cartography team produce highly detailed and exceptional quality bespoke mapping.

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