2D Site Plans

by Best Wayfinding Limited Shropshire


2D Site Plans that are clear and uncluttered , ideal for Schools, Hospitals and University Campus Sites.


Any Site Plan is a versatile product that relates to a whole host of situations. Businesses, Office Blocks, Hospitals, Doctor Surgery, Nursing Homes, Sports Fields, Museums, Leisure Centers, Hotels, Golf Courses, Music Venues, the list is endless. However whatever the category of customer, they all need one thing in common, clear, concise and an accurate Site Plan, that not only works for the visitor but highlights the facilities.

It is quite surprising to note that many schools still don’t have suitable Site Plans to aid the visitor and just as important, to show off its facilities and of course location. Presentation of a school site offers confidence to a potential visitor. Many school incorporate a 2D Site Plan in the pupil hand book as well as the school website.

From Ordnance Survey based data our experts are able to produce clear and uncluttered 2D Site Plans, ideal for School, Hospital and University Campus Sites. A 2D Site Plans offers a detailed visual that can be used as a wayfinding map for any establishment. This bespoke design can also be used as a promotion tool for new buildings or layouts and gives the customers ease as they’ll have a visual before they look into joining your business. At Best Wayfinding Limited, we have experience working with the education and health sector and have also created 2D Site Plans for a retail shopping center. In partnership with some of the best cartographic companies in Europe, we work closely with our customers and find out what you want and can render any designs to fit in with any existing marketing material. Best Wayfinding Limited delivers quality, bespoke mapping that blends with any design brief.


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