School Signage

by Best Wayfinding Limited

“Our School Signs and School Signage comes in many forms including signs, signage and poster displays as well as Site Plans and Directional Signage.”

Of course Best Wayfinding Limited is not only about School Signage! The power of a directional or presentational signs is undisputed. Every organisation needs some form of signage, either by way a definitive statement or a integral part of a personal Wayfinding Plan. We have the technical expertise to fill any inquiry ranging from a standard location sign to a complex retail park.

Best Wayfinding Limited have brought together some of the finest examples of directional and static signage to afford a comprehensive solution to any client remit from a single poster display to a complete Wayfinding solution. We have available the options of supply only or supply and install. Our friendly and helpful technical sales personnel would be pleased to give guidance on a suitable Wayfinding system and, therefore, we would welcome your enquiry. Whether it’s just one sign or a group of them, we develop bespoke products which are finished to perfection and then made and also installed by us. We are there every step of the way. Alongside the signage, we are able to produce the mapping for a Campus in either high definition 2D or eye catching 3D – both computer generated or hand drawn. For larger sites, meetings can be arranged where recommendations for school signage can be agreed.

Primary School / Junior Schools

Our signs are focused on reflecting the spirit of Schools for young people. We can produce a range of friendly welcome signs with digitally printed children’s graphics. In addition, the all important Safety and Security Notices and directional signage.

Higher Educational Schools

We recognise the importance of signs giving a strong identity to any given Secondary School or Academy.  It is often said, an indeed is true, a quality sign is part of the shop window of a school. A good sign is seen by the passing motorists and embodies the status of that establishment. It is not wise to compromise on quality when it comes to School Signage, after all it is part of the initial welcoming process.

Colleges and Universities

Our services cover every aspect of a Wayfinding plan. The logical sequence starts with good quality signs at Campus entrances and gateways. Clear building and department identity. Logical internal signage and display cases and notice boards. Our customers are delighted to know that having produced a sign for key entrance points and major cross paths, we can print one of our magnificent 3D or 2D Site Plans with the required ‘you are here’ pointers.

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