Solar Powered Poster Display

by Best Wayfinding Limited

Best Wayfinding supply solar powered poster displays that show your marketing both day and night but cost nothing to power.

The most advanced form of new age solar signage that can be operated by PIR and time assistance. Ideal for inaccessible locations where the laying of cabling would be prohibitive. Solar power is now not about an insignificant garden light. Indeed significant advances have been made in recent years where by conversion from light to power has become very much more efficient and organisations are appreciating the cost initial recovery over a much shorter period of time. In certain situations, all signs do not have to be lit and it is often the case that key entry areas are the ones that can benefit from the solar solution. Clearly solar lighting for signs will significantly increase in terms of representation, we would like to think that you could become one of the new breed of forward thinking clientele.

Save Power & The Environment

How good is it to say the Solar Powered Signs are maintenance free, i.e. no changing of bulbs, no wiring problems, clean and pure. Solar Power Signs do not make light pollution and contribute to a better environment. It goes without saying that the electricity bill will be a thing of the past and all this coupled with the versatility of both wall mounting and free standing. Join us in the 21st Century.

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