Video Walls

by Best Wayfinding Ltd


Using our specialist expertise in signage Best Wayfinding offer video walls designed for 24/7 usage.  Allows your content to take centre stage and provides a visual experience to remember for any viewer.

Super Narrow Bezel

Achieve a sensational virtually seamless display wall thanks to our video wall panels that have a total bezel size of just 3.5mm.

Automatic Tiling

Our video walls offer the ultimate in versatility.  With a hassle free setup it is easy to tile the video signal automatically thanks to their integrated video matrix processor.  This means that no additional matrix processing hardware is required; regardless of the configuration of your video wall.

IPS Panel

State of the art commercial grade IPS panels give our video walls superior colour uniformity, a large viewing angle and remarkably vibrancy, even when mounted in portrait.  Our panels do not suffer from blackening defect when used as a window display.

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