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School Signs, Floor Plans, Location Maps, Directional Signs & Site Plans.

2D Site Plans

Clear and uncluttered 2 dimensional Site Plans, ideal for School, Hospital and University Campus Sites.

3D Site Plans

The absolute compliment to your school is a professionally produced 3D Site Plan, either computer generated or hand drawn.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans for Schools, Hospitals, Universities & Academies cuts out confusion on site and ensures maximum mobility.

School Signs, Floor Plans, Location Maps, Directional Signs & Site Plans.

Our Wayfinding products ensure visitors have good clear navigational aids to know where they are and how to reach their destination. With years of experience in Wayfinding techniques we ensure your visitors do not waste time trying to find their destination and thus can enjoy their visit rather than be frustrated by it. Best Wayfinding Limited encompasses all key ingredients for finding a school, finding the way around a school site and finding the way around school buildings. We are experts in producing school 3D Site Plans, 2D Site PlansLocation Maps and easy to follow Floor Plans with emergency fire escape routes. Some of our school customers use our site plans on their Best Wayfinding school signs.


Best Wayfinding Limited supply Professional Wayfinding Solutions.

School Signs & School Signage.

Creating Good School Signs & School Signage. Not Planks on Poles

First Impressions Count

School signage and school signs are the endorsement of a well presented establishment giving that all important first impression.

Enforcing Your Corporate Identity

We take care in design to complement a school’s house style including matching primary colours with hard wearing powder coating and vinyl or digital print finishes.

Working Together

School Signs should not be an afterthought but an integral part of the marketing mix. Best Wayfinding works closely with a school’s marketing team to ensure a signage plan and design complements corporate guidelines.

3D Architectural Rendering Service

A beautiful Computer Generated Image brings to life that development property yet to be built. Our 3D Rendering and Architectural Visulisations can be utilised for developer websites and promotion brochures alike.

Find Out More About 3D Architectural Renderings

What is Wayfinding in Architectural Environments ?

Urban planner Kevin A. Lynch borrowed the term Wayfinding for his 1960 book The Image of the City, where he defined wayfinding as “a consistent use and organization of definite sensory cues from the external environment.”

In 1984 environmental psychologist Romedi Passini published the full-length “Wayfinding in Architecture” where he expanded it to include signage and other graphic communication.

Find out more about wayfinding : What Is Wayfinding ?: An Art and a Science by Best Wayfinding Limited

A Wayfinding Blueprint

Signage and Signs are the endorsement of a well presented establishment giving that all important first impression. We care about how signs are made, what school signs look like and how they contribute to your business. Once an enquiry for school signs is received, a lot of preparation goes into our wayfinding/signage proposal. One of the benefits of coming to Best Wayfinding is that we produce visuals of your custom made enquiry and produce a proposal, which includes a site plan with the locations of recommended signs. In fact, a wayfinding blueprint.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Best Wayfinding have a proven track record of working with the health & education sector. Schools, Universities, Colleges and Hospitals are just a few examples of the people we have worked with. Our services also extended to specialized markets that include computer generated imaging for Property Developers and services for Councils for city center bespoke mapping.  Here at Best Wayfinding Limited we are always looking for new innovative ideas to progress.

What is your turn around time?

All projects are different but you can be assured from first contact with us our responses will be prompt. Once your proposal is prepared we create a work schedule that fits around you.

“We commissioned Best Wayfinding to design and produce new external signage for use across the Stamford Endowed Schools. The impressive results have led to improved navigation for visitors, greater prominence for our many facilities and an improvement to the general aesthetic of the site. The Schools’ brand is now also displayed strongly and consistently on all of our buildings. The signs are of high quality and, two years on, show no signs of wear. Working with Best Wayfinding was an enjoyable process, and the site surveyor, designers and installers were all professional and amenable. For this reason we would certainly recommend Best Wayfinding to any Schools or other organisation.”

Michael Deoraj - Marketing Manager

Stamford Endowed Schools

“The service provided by Best Wayfinding was first-rate. They listened carefully to our brief and executed it with professional efficiency.  The drawing that they rendered of the campus was inch-perfect even incorporating a building that was still in the planning process!  Very impressive – and I would employ them again without a second thought.”

John Newbould - Head of Marketing

Bolton School

“Best Wayfinding Limited provided our company with a professional service in producing a 2D site plan and various floor plans of our buildings. With over 40 buildings this was not a small task, however we were very impressed with the quality of the work and efficient service that we received. ”

Amy Hugill - Corporate Governance Manager

Wells Cathedral School, Somerset

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