Floor Plans

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Easy to use Floor Plans cut out confusion on site and ensures maximum mobility.

In some way or another, every public and indeed private building requires Floor Plans for ease of navigation, for safety and of course reassurance for the visitor. Best Wayfinding Limited produce Floor Plans often on a bespoke basis, complementing a specific clients requirements. With Health and Safety at the forefront of the populations well being, many clients require plans to be overlaid with specific data relating to emergency exit routes, disabled exit and emergency assembly areas. Best Wayfinding Floor Plans are designed for a whole range of marketing sectors, particularly Health (NHS), Historical Buildings, Major Sports Centres and New Housing Complexes.

Floor Plans

Many schools and colleges have opted for the Best Wayfinding Limited floor plan solutions. The floor plans are redrawn from architects/similar data to give clarity to the layperson and facilitate the marking up of fire safety routes, exits and assembly areas. The data supplied can be used for induction purposes, printouts and is often used as part the pupil handbook. In addition, Floor Plans can be incorporated in the school website, printout and large sized versions for prominent positions throughout the school, particularly in reception areas.

We know that classroom usage can change over the months and years and even footprints of the areas are not, dare we say, fixed in concrete! Therefore all our floor plan data is supplied in a format enabling you to make future changes giving value for many years to come. Of course, for a small fee we can make the changes for you.



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