Wayfinding Strategy, External Signage, Internal SignageSt George’s Independent School


St George’s Independent School, Ascot
Girls Independent Boarding school
August 2019

Project type - London

Wayfinding Strategy
External Signage

St George’s Independent School, Ascot

In Summer 2019, the then School Bursar, contacted Best Wayfinding to discuss costs for the replacement of some old signs around school. This type of initial client request is typical of how a more comprehensive wayfinding strategy project can begin.

St George's School - Finger Post Wayfinding Sign


Site users were experiencing trouble finding their way around the School. The issues were compounded during events like school arts performances, where the estates team would use a range of low-quality temporary sandwich-board signs to direct visitors from the car-park to the school theatre, creating:

  • Confusion from inadequate directional signage.
  • A poor quality perception of the school.
  • Inconsistent identity and branding.
St George's School - Post and Panel 9


An initial visit by the Best Wayfinding team revealed the extent of the wayfinding issues on the St George’s site. Rather than replacing a few signs, the team recommended a comprehensive initial survey and consultation, to drive the development of a detailed wayfinding strategy.



In order to fully understand the wayfinding requirements of St George’s school, the Best Wayfinding team would need to survey the site and understand how it was used by all stakeholders. The key stages within this first phase included those shown on the right.

PHASE 1. - Key Stages

  • 1 day on site, reviewing the location and completing a detailed site survey.
  • Organising a number of stakeholder survey workshops – students, staff, parents, plus
    the Finance, Marketing and Estate teams.
  • Plotting an accurate and detailed site map:
  • Based on pre-existing maps (supplemented with other online geomapping data).
  • Physical review of the site to correct any inaccuracies on existing maps.
  • Map to include buildings, paths, roads, and other features like streams.
  • Final map artwork can also be used for presentation and marketing purposes.



  • Strategy provides a comprehensive list of all the signage required for the site, detailing:
    – Sign content
    – Different types of sign required
    – Dimensions of each sign type
    – Technical details on sign materials & production
    – How signs will be mounted
    – Whether illumination is required
  • Sign design hierarchy specifies a coherent, consistent, effective and branded design for each sign type including:
    – Directional
    – End-point identification
    – Advisory
    – Instructional
  • Each of the specified signs is numbered and plotted onto the newly created site map.



The completed Wayfinding strategy is a comprehensive and stand-alone report that includes all the information required for a professional signmaker to produce and install the signage. In this instance, St George’s chose Best Wayfinding to implement the strategy.

Best Wayfinding completed the St George installation project in Summer 2020.


“The School was delighted to have worked with Best Wayfinding and the team delivered an outstanding service throughout.

From providing a detailed, competitive quote through to painless installation, Best Wayfinding displayed a full understanding of our requirement, prepared a detailed plan, demonstrated flexibility in installation and provided first class customer service throughout.

The outcome has been a clearly signposted site, top quality signage that fits with the school, and of course visitors to the school, who now know exactly where to go! We are delighted with the results.”

James Anderson – Bursar, St George’s, Ascot

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